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Are Anti-Aging Products Worth Spending Money On?

Going by a recent article from the Insider, dermatologists are in unison that sunscreen remains the best product for maintaining youthful skin. If you are a big fan of reading magazines, you might have come across a billion adverts with the headline, the youth fountain discovered. Most of these products are aimed at getting rid of body wrinkles. If you are those people who are worried about aging, then you might be one of those who will try just about anything to remain youthful, firm and maintain shiny skin. Unfortunately, when the deal is too good, think twice.
Products such as night creams, moisturizers, and the underlying foundation help support anti-aging properties such as cosmetics. The marketing claims are held at a different level when medicines get into the picture. Remember, not everything on retail out there is fake. Here are some of the conclusions derived after engaging with several dermatologists.

Sunscreen Is the Best Wrinkle Remover

The best treatment for anti-aging remains sunscreen. The best you can do is preventing any incidence of sun damage which might worsen the signs of aging before it all starts. Patients are advised to go for sunscreens with broad-spectrum ultra-violet light protection. Anything 30 or higher will do just fine.skin care products

Retinoids and Retinols for Visible Damage

Both products seem to feature high in terms of trustworthiness and reliability according to the dermatologists. Retinoids are regarded as prescription while the retinol too is given over the counter but in much smaller doses. Retinoids act as a slow peel that helps the skin keep turning. There even exists data tracing back decades that argues how retinoids help in reducing wrinkles and other forms of aging. Some dermatologists argue that retinoids are probably the only skincare medication that is medically proven as a skin aging property.

Use of Moisturizers

Just as many recommend their use, there are equally many who regard them as dubious products. Most anti-aging products contain moisturizing effects. This is good as it helps the patient fight off aging, preventing lasting changes to the skin. Moisturizers are notorious for giving their patients a temporary effect that their wrinkles are gone. This happens when the skin gets pumped up. As soon as the product is no longer on the skin, the effect vanishes. Moisture also helps give your skin a younger, dewier appearance without fixing any underlying damage.

Other Market Products Are a Gamble

skin careLooking past the two main categories mentioned above, the rest of the skincare industry products will either hurt, help or do nothing to your skin. The other ingredients regarded as anti-aging are not necessarily crapshoots. Their existence stems from shaky evidence. Among these interesting products are peptides, antioxidants, and smaller proteins which can stimulate new cellular growth and help in the skin healing process. Alpha hydroxyl acids will then carry out the skin exfoliation. Unfortunately, most of these products attributes are not evidence-based. In that case, it would not be wise recommending such products to patients.


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