In an unprecedented turn of events, a new debate has emerged over skin care. With reports emerging of women using 10 or more facial skin care products in their daily routine, a debate has emerged as to what qualifies as an acceptable number. Many have asked whether this new trend is actually helpful or expensive to sustain altogether.

How Big Is the Skincare Conversation?

On popular information websites, skin care topics have always been a popular sell among communities. Posts made that focus on skin care receive lots of reads and even boost their subscriber numbers provided they are frequent and detailed. Recently, the website Reddit did some piece on the flourishing obsession among millennials with skincare. Over the years, this trend has spread to the upcoming generation creating a skin care freaky society.
Traditionally, everyone considered the double cleanse accompanied by a face wash, and tone then moisturizing as enough, today its a whole new dilemma. Popular Korean routines advocate as many as ten steps in the skin care process. Some procedures involve a double face wash and cleanse using different and skin care

Skin Care on the Rise

It is no surprise that the skin care market witnessed a 9 percent growth in 2017outshiningmakeup which rose a paltry 6 percent. By 2020, experts indicate skin care will dominate a quarter of the personal care and beauty market. Generally, the skin care boom usually depends on the season. With their strong urge for eating right, living healthy, exercise and sleeping, skin care follows closely. Taking care of your skin is deemed as a vital way of taking good care of yourself.
There was a time when there was an obsession with the contoured Kim Kardashian appearance, a process that would require over 25 skin care products before leaving your house. At the moment, the desire for a flawless face has been superseded by the craving for perfect skin. A new strategy that has been described on Reddit as the Holy Grail, advocates for a strategy where no makeup is used at all.
Going by the Reddit community beauty enthusiasts, women form the lions share of the demography, although a sizeable minority of men follow keenly too. Interests have expanded beyond skin care and ventured into potions and lotions. This is what is today referred to as AHAs. Serum in the form of a highly-stable, water-free ester mix of trans-retinoic acid goes a long way in reducing the dark circles synonymous with face creams.
Platforms like social media are playing a significant role when it comes to user product recommendations. More people trust personalities than adverts or brand experts. It is easy to come across a plethora of recommendations, and convincing reviews on how a given product is authentic or trustworthy.

Is this trend healthy?

According to leading beauty experts such as Krithika Varagur, there is really nothing like perfect skin as it just does not exist. Any skin care or beauty product that tries to sell that is a scam. She also argues how the industry has taken upon itself to exploit women by feeding them the notion of material pursuit and perfect skin.

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